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Evidence suggests that marijuana may have benefits for physical fitness

While you may not think of marijuana as promoting physical fitness, it’s actually thought that cannabis could help you to stay in shape! There are several reasons why this is the case.

It can enhance your “runner’s high” even if you haven’t consumed cannabis

Even if you haven’t consumed cannabis recently, small amounts of THC are likely to be stored in your fat cells. As you exercise, you will burn fat, and some of this THC gets released into your bloodstream. This can increase the “runner’s high” that you feel and increase your motivation to follow through with future workouts, which can greatly improve your overall health and physical fitness!

The “runner’s high” naturally involves the endocannabinoid system

Natural activation of the endocannabinoid system that occurs during exercise appears to be beneficial during physical activity, and this is likely due to the pain-relieving effects of these compounds. Therefore, it makes sense that consuming cannabis may improve certain aspects of exercise performance.

Cannabis may lower insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is associated with diabetes and weight gain, and studies have found that cannabis can lower it. Not only does this mean that cannabis can help to promote weight loss, but it means that it might even be able to reduce your risk of diabetes. One bit of fascinating marijuana news is that a study found that the insulin levels of people who use cannabis averages 16% lower than those who do not, which provides strong evidence that cannabis use can reduce one’s risk of diabetes and prevent weight gain.

Studies have shown that using cannabis may make it easier to stick with an exercise program

Getting plenty of exercise is essential if you want to stay in shape, and one bit of recent marijuana news shows that cannabis can actually make it easier to stick with an exercise routine. A study found that people who use cannabis get an average of 43.4 more minutes per week of aerobic exercise! Not only that, but cannabis users who endorsed cannabis use along with exercise also got 37.4 minutes more anaerobic exercise (e.g. weightlifting, stretching, and balance building exercises) than participants in the study who did not.

Marijuana may improve sleep quality in some cases, which can boost performance

In order to make gains during your workouts, getting a good sleep at night is always essential. Sleep has many restorative functions in the body that are important for anyone looking to improve their physical fitness. If you suffer from insomnia, you’re likely to find that cannabis helps you to get to sleep. In addition, studies have shown that cannabis increases the amount of deep sleep that you get at night, and this is thought to be the most restorative phase of the sleep cycle for many of the body’s systems.

Some compounds within cannabis may improve athletic performance

While cannabis itself is not something that’s thought of as performance-enhancing, some compounds in cannabis may help to increase one’s pain threshold and even improve your motivation to exercise or finish a tough workout. For example, THCV is thought to have stimulating effects that can give you the energy to power through a difficult workout. In addition, CBD and many other cannabinoids can decrease your anxiety levels, which may improve performance for some people.

However, any performance-enhancing effects of these compounds are not likely to be present in all dosages. In addition, CBD may be more beneficial than THC when it comes to performance. THC may interrupt a pathway that improves muscle growth, but this effect has only been documented in rats . In addition, this study used the equivalent of more than 200 milligrams of THC per day, which is an extremely high dose. Still, CBD has been shown to not have these effects on the body, which can make it preferable for some athletes.

THCV is especially beneficial for athletic performance due to its ability to increase fat metabolism. This has been demonstrated in animal studies on the compound. However, it’s important to note that there aren’t very many strains that contain significant amounts of THCV, and the highest concentrations of it are found in a few sativa strains that originate from Africa. In addition, there is a full spectrum of CBD supplements available that contained added THCV.

What about the negative effects associated with the act of smoking?

People who use marijuana and are engaged in athletic pursuits should avoid smoking cannabis due to the potential negative effects of smoking on the lungs over time. However, there are many edible cannabis products available, which do not have negative effects on the lungs. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the effects of oral cannabis last significantly longer than smoking or vaporizing, and these effects can last for 10 hours or more.

How should you use cannabis if you’re interested in improving your physical fitness?

If you’re going to be engaged in any major physical activity, it’s important to avoid consuming cannabis in large dosages due to its psychoactive effects and potential acute impairment on performance. In addition, most people find that it’s best to use cannabis after a workout instead or athletic event rather than immediately prior to it.

Dosages that meet or exceed 100 milligrams of THC can have an impairing effect on performance for a considerable period of time, and this could even include the day after taking the high dosage in some cases, especially if the marijuana is consumed orally. Typically, starting dosages of anywhere between 2-5 milligrams of THC are recommended if you’re consuming cannabis orally, but you may find that a higher dosage is best for you as you become more accustomed to the effects.

The benefits of cannabis on physical fitness doesn’t just affect athletes

Most people do not get enough exercise, and this contributes to the high rates of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes in the United States. Due to the fact that marijuana may be able to improve adherence to exercise routines and the fact that cannabis is likely to be legalized in more states in the future, there’s likely to be marijuana news about how cannabis has improved public health.

Most marijuana users in states where it’s legal endorse using cannabis along with exercise

A study of 494 people who use cannabis in states where it’s fully legal found that 81.7% of them endorsed using cannabis along with exercise, and this could refer to either using cannabis before or after engaging in physical activity. Furthermore, 40.1% of these individuals either exceeded or met the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week that is recommended by experts. However, only 28.7% of people in the survey who didn’t endorse using cannabis along with exercise met this standard.

The myth of the “lazy stoner”

While it may be surprising to some people, the evidence actually suggests that people who regularly use cannabis are more active than those who do not! Furthermore, studies show that the physical fitness of marijuana users tends to be better than non-users. While many people have the misconception that the “munchies” automatically lead to weight gain, this is not necessarily the case if one chooses healthy foods and snacks that are high in essential vitamins in minerals and low in calories. Not only that, but there’s likely to be more marijuana news in the future about how the effects of cannabis could boost your physical fitness and improve your overall health and wellbeing!


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