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Physician Outreach Liaison, Palm Bay

The Physician Liaison is primarily responsible for developing and implementing a marketing and sales plan to maintain and grow referrals from providers and/or physician practices. This role will cover Daytona, Titusville, Sandford and Palm Bay area.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The following list of duties is not intended to be restrictive or all inclusive. The fact that certain duties may not be listed does not limit the assignment of additional and/or other duties.

  • Acts as a business partner to promote patient volume affiliates in accordance with priorities set forth in the Strategic Plan
  • Leads initiatives to build volume and favorable provider perceptions among internal and external referral streams
  • Works collaboratively with service line leaders, Site Managers, and others to gather feedback/research and executes communication strategies to persuade provider referral sources
  • Develops and implements specific outreach, relationship building, and marketing plans to meet goals; develops strong business relationships with local community organizations and businesses to increase their advocacy of Health affiliates and programs
  • Works collaboratively with other system functions that interact with physician offices, including hospital medical affairs, referral, provider recruitment, provider resources, etc.
  • Establishes and maintains ongoing communications with referring providers and/or their office staff, including routine or follow-up visits, emails, and phone calls

Communication Planning

  • Using research-based methods, implements strategies to build awareness and trust between Health affiliates and applicable referral sources; Identifies referral sources (target audiences) for each affiliate, service, or practice
  • Identifies tactics to promote provider interaction and engagement including new provider orientation, site visits, staff meetings, social events, grand rounds, referral dinners,
  • Develops meaningful relationships with key contacts and opinion leaders including Site Managers, office staff, and others

Data Collection & Analysis

  • Gathers and interprets the data necessary to determine priority areas for growing referrals to affiliates
  • Oversees efforts to ensure positioned competitively to protect and grow market share. This includes routine analysis of the strengths and services of competitors
  • Develops and implements an ongoing method of profiling and monitoring market areas to identify demographic, competitor, and changes in healthcare services
  • Maintains reports related to volume trends practices and hospital services
  • Measures and evaluates liaison activities including producing and sharing regular summaries of patient visits and their outcomes as well as their impact on referral trends


  • Coaches providers on effective communication and presentation skills for speaking engagements
  • Coaches Site Managers and service line leaders on effective communication skills for outreach to referral sources
  • Collaborates as needed with SPS personnel to develop a Provider Leadership Program
  • Provides coaching on communication and outreach skills to new Managers during orientation

Advisor & Advocate

  • Provides insight to Senior Management related to emerging business opportunities
  • Advocates for initiatives aimed at improving processes related to referrals (i.e. increase convenience for referring providers to contact a practice)

Knowledge, Skills, and Ability Requirements

  • Possesses outstanding interpersonal skills, including excellent written and verbal skills
  • Demonstrates ability to use persuasive communication, leadership, and relationship-building
  • Demonstrates good organizational skills in the preparation of daily work schedules and the assignment of duties and responsibilities
  • Ability to effectively work with and through physicians, subordinates, customers, and other personnel in a cooperative, collaborative manner in order to improve provider and/or patient satisfaction
  • Ability to analyze data; aptitude for mathematics and statistics; ability to efficiently and effectively manage multiple tasks; ability to work in a fast paced, patient service oriented environment; demonstrates ability to promote quality improvement through development and maintenance of standards; ability to maintain professional conduct in all work-related and/or emergent situations

Computer Knowledge

  • Experience working with computer systems; proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word

Priorities for Service Excellence:

  • Compassion
  • Quality

Efficiency Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Business Administration, or Healthcare required
  • Recent and direct experience working in a communications position within a sales or marketing work environment may be substituted in lieu of education and/or experience requirements


  • Minimum of five (5) years’ experience working with physicians/providers, medical practice office staff, or other medical specialties required

Working Environment:

  • Primarily performed in a well-illuminated, climate-controlled, indoor, smoke-free business office environment within the facilities
  • Will be required to travel to other facilities in order to attend meetings, training sessions, etc.

Apply directly: https://boards.greenhouse.io/curaleaf/jobs/4357713002

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