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The Trendiest Wellness Classes to Try This Fall

wellness trends fall 2019
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It wasn’t until I started my position as the digital editor at Best Health three months ago that I realized my wellness routine had gone stale. It consisted primarily of Tracy Anderson video workouts, the goop podcast, and the odd woo-woo trend like a tarot card reading or something with crystals. I thought I had all my bases covered—I was targeting my mind, body, and spirit. But by not challenging myself with something new, I realized I was limiting my mind, body, and spirit. So, I started incorporating new classes into my routine, and I feel like everything’s improved: My posture’s better, I’m more flexible, I’m sleeping better, and I’m happier.

Ready to freshen up your wellness routine? I’ve rounded up some of the coolest classes on the scene this season. Keep checking back as I report on the latest classes I’ve tried and loved.

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