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“Look Good Feel Better Was a Bright Light In My Cancer Treatment.”

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Photo Credit: Look Good Feel Better

Look Good Feel Better is a national charitable program that helps women cope with the effects of cancer and its treatment, through a two-hour complimentary workshop that offers tips and techniques on cosmetics, wigs and skincare. It’s a few hours of learning and pampering, as well as a place for women to connect with other women facing a similar diagnosis.

“There aren’t many people that can understand what you’re going through,” says Jennie Griffin, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last year at the age of 25. “It felt really good to know that I wasn’t in it alone. At the LGFB workshop, I didn’t feel like a patient. I just felt like everyone else.”

The workshop’s practical advice and supportive environment is aimed at empowering women as they go through treatment, as well as boosting their confidence and sense of well-being. “I always wore a wig because I wasn’t comfortable in head wraps at the time,” explains Jennie. “One lady at the LGFB workshop had a scarf on her head and I thought it looked so good! She explained it to me and with that technique I started wearing head wraps.”

The program’s effects reach beyond the attendees, impacting family members who get to see their loved one with their spirits lifted. “For my mom, it was a relief to see me have a smile on my face,” says Jennie, who today is in remission and a LGFB ambassador.

Tell a woman you love about Look Good Feel Better. Women facing all cancers can register at lgfb.ca for a workshop in their community.

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