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The 5 Best Apps for Soothing Your Mind

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The “ping” of a new work email, a scroll through Instagram, or even the absence of a text or phone call can be enough to cue a mob of anxiety symptoms. We breathe rapidly, we sweat, we tremble, we find it impossible to think about anything else. But turns out, one of the primary causes of our feelings of panic—our smartphones—could be the very thing to help cure it. There’s a crop of apps waiting to be downloaded that encourage mindfulness, dissipate negativity, inspire gratitude, target insomnia, and offer solutions to common worries.

“When used appropriately, wellness apps can bring many benefits to users,” says Dr. Janine Hubbard, a registered psychologist in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Communications Director with the Association of Psychology Newfoundland and Labrador (APNL). While there’s no adequate replacement for in-person care with a mental health professional, mind-soothing apps can be effective because of their convenience—they can be accessed anytime, anywhere, for little to no cost. Through guided breathing exercises and calming activities, apps help users manage symptoms of anxiety, which can be much more effective than trying to do so on your own, says Dr. Hubbard.

It’s important to note that apps don’t work for everyone. “Some people require more intense intervention than can be supported by an app,” says Dr. Hubbard, “and as a result, they may feel helpless as they’re not seeing the same benefits from the apps as their friends.” Explore and experiment with apps and in-person care to manage your anxiety most effectively.

Ready to tame that racing mind? We’ve rounded up five of our favourite wellness apps that can help you combat anxiety—and they all happen to be Canadian. So, the next time you’re about to mindlessly open up one of your anxiety-inducing social apps as you wait in line or sit on the subway, consider opening up one of these calming apps instead. You’ll walk away feeling happier, lighter, and more relaxed.

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