3 Essential Building Blocks for Kids’ Health

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While kids get caught up in the back-to-school excitement, many parents are focusing on making sure their little ones get the nutrients they need to reach their potential. Here are three nutritional building blocks that you can tuck into your child’s backpack for when that school bell rings.

Building Block #1: Vitamin C

As much as we may shudder to think about it, the fact is that classrooms are a breeding ground for germs and viruses. This is why so many little ones get hit with colds during the first few weeks of the school year. A strong immune system can help protect them by building stronger resistance to infection.

Vitamin C is key to the proper functioning of the immune system, as well as the growth and repair of body tissues. This essential vitamin can’t be produced by the body, so if you’re worried your child isn’t getting enough, reach for a supplement. Try Sisu U-Cubes™ Vitamin C gummies, designed to promote strong immunity, to help keep your kiddos healthy all through the year. Vitamin C also supports energy levels, giving kids the boost they need to make it through the busy school day.

Building Block #2: Calcium

Calcium is important at all ages, but it’s especially crucial for growing bodies, which need this important mineral for proper functioning of muscles including the heart, as well as the development of healthy bones and teeth. Calcium is ideally consumed at the same time as vitamin D, which promotes its absorption and enables its retention in the bones.

Sisu U-Cubes™ Calcium and D3 gummies are a fun way to get this important duo. The high-quality daily formula is safe and convenient, giving you peace of mind that your child is getting the benefits of these key nutrients. Plus, kids love the great taste and texture of strawberry, blueberry, and pink lemonade in each bottle.

Building Block #3: Multivitamins

How many times has your kid come home with a half-eaten sandwich, or a totally untouched lunch? Despite your best efforts at providing them with all the nutrients they need, there might still be gaps in their diets.

Sisu U-Cubes™ Multivitamins  help provide kids with the building blocks of a fully complemented diet. They contain no animal gelatin, high-fructose corn syrup, or artificial flavours or colours. The pectin-based gummies are specially crafted for kids—even picky eaters love them!

For more information on U-Cubes™ and other Sisu products, visit sisu.com .

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