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10 Surprising Reasons You Might Have Sore Breasts

breast pain causes

You’re allergic to your fancy body lotion

Many body lotions promise smooth, hydrated skin but some deliver exactly the opposite, giving you red, inflamed, cracked, and painful skin, says Diana Ramos, MD, ob-gyn in Los Angeles and co-chair of The National Preconception Health and Health Care Initiative. The chemicals in many cosmetic products can cause an allergic reaction on your skin—even your breasts if you applied the lotion to your chest—and those can include significant swelling and pain and cause breast tenderness, she explains. Other allergy offenders include laundry detergent, hair products (because they run down your chest when you rinse them in the shower), makeup, and sunscreen. “If you recently changed one of your body products and now you have breast pain, there might be a connection,” she says. “Try removing it to see if the pain goes away.”

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