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Things That Happen When You Don’t Eat Enough Protein

protein intake

Your food cravings increase

Having the occasional craving for a snack between meals is normal. But if cravings are constant, and your meals aren’t satisfying your hunger, you might not be eating enough protein. Lisa DeFazio, RD, a Los Angeles-area healthy lifestyle expert, says that’s because protein helps regulate blood sugar. “Protein will slow down the absorption of your carbs—and slow down your blood sugars,” says DeFazio.
When you eat enough protein you’ll also feel fuller longer and won’t have mood swings, says DeFazio. A study published in Nutrition Journal also found that participants who ate a high protein breakfast had fewer “sweet and savoury” food cravings. If you need help thinking of ways to eat more, here’s the best sources of protein, according to Canada’s Food Guide.

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