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Miranda Kerr’s Home Wellness Routine Has Gone Viral Again—But Is Any of It Legit?

miranda kerr's wellness habits

This year, Miranda Kerr’s organic skincare brand, Kora Organics, turned 10 (!) years old. Whether you’re into the wellness brand or you shudder at the mention of anything claiming to simultaneously cleanse your soul and your skin, brands like Kora Organics (and its big sister, Goop) have officially brought the intersection of wellness and beauty, including things like crystal-infused products, to the mainstream.

Oh, what’s that? You didn’t know that every Kora Organics product comes into contact with a crystal before being bottled and packaged? It’s true! “Our products are energised with Rose Quartz,” reads the brand’s website, “a crystal believed to carry a soothing energy to encourage love and acceptance […] By energizing our products with Rose Quartz crystal, we infuse the vibration of love into Kora Organics and onto you.”

These days, Kerr’s Wellness-with-a-capital-W personal brand extends beyond beauty—and into the home industry (but not in a Cindy Crawford Home way). Kerr, who studied nutrition, has recently gone viral thanks to a quote from her NewBeauty cover story. In it, she describes the many (many, many, many) peculiar home practices she refers to as “wellness musts.”

These include some basic, well-known faves like essential oil diffusers (great—in moderation. A Taiwanese study conducted in a spa revealed that “prolonged exposure for longer than one hour to essential oils may be harmful to cardiovascular health”) and hot water and eucalyptus oil floor cleaner (this is fine, but for the sake of your hardwood floors, use room temperature water).

It only takes some light Googling to learn that the Australian supermodel has been outspoken about her home routine—which includes everything from alkaline water filters to phone radiation stickers—for years. Below, we looked into the most “out there” parts of Miranda Kerr’s home wellness routine to learn which ones (if any!) are legit—AKA backed by science—and which you should pass on.

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