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This Season, Fall Into a New Routine with Peloton

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Photo Credit: Peloton

The return of fall brings with it the onset of busy routines, cooler weather and shorter evenings (yikes!), which can all negatively impact our workout schedules. As we come under increased pressure from work, school, or family, our commitments to fitness and workouts are the first to suffer.

Enter Peloton: an interactive, live-streamed studio cycling class, created to make balancing workouts and life easier. Just launched this fall, Peloton 30 Day Home Trial allows you take the Bike home to try the future of fitness firsthand. With captivating rides, motivating instructors, varied workouts and the best playlists, Peloton is the workout you need to try this fall.

There’s nothing quite like hopping on a Peloton—it empowers you. Not to mention, it gives you instant access to a diverse selection of studio cycling classes led by elite global instructors. Connecting you with your instructor and fellow riders around the world, the 22-inch tablet attached to the Peloton Bike transports you to a studio class, live-streamed (and available on demand) from Peloton’s NYC headquarters.

Photo Credit: Peloton

The classes range in intensity, fitness, music and duration—catering to all levels of experience and workout goals. Whether you’re looking for an easy 30-minute ride to squeeze in after work, or a longer, cardio intensive ride on Sunday morning before brunch, Peloton’s wide-spectrum of classes cater to all needs—including beginner. A variety of classes are designed for beginner riders to first introduce them to cycling and gradually help them progress.

It’s as simple as that. You can roll out of bed in the morning and start your class tailored to your own workout goals. If your hectic fall schedule doesn’t align with any of the live classes, Peloton riders can also ride at any time of day by selecting one of the many on-demand classes.

With shorter days encroaching quickly, it can be difficult to find the enthusiasm to remain motivated through an entire workout—especially cardio-intensive workouts. To keep its rides original, captivating and motivating, Peloton harnesses different genres of music. Entire workouts are curated to match the beat, rhythm and themes of certain playlists.

If you’re worried about missing out on the competitive edge and the community feel of a studio class, Peloton’s inspiring, passionate instructors will keep you engaged and committed to pushing your limits. Instructors can view your metrics as you ride, allowing them to call out achievements and celebrate your progress or milestones. For the competitive riders, the metric transparency provides that extra incitement to push harder and catch up with the leading riders. The electrifying and motivating atmosphere of a cycling class is brought right into your own home!

You should be excited about Peloton’s new home trial offering as it will allow you to discover what 30 days of game changing workouts can do for you. If you fall in love with bike (highly likely), you can also purchase it through Peloton’s financing program.

It doesn’t stop there! It goes beyond the bike with Peloton Digital which grants members access to all of Peloton’s content: anytime, anywhere, on any equipment. Offering thousands of classes across yoga, running, meditation, bootcamp, strength training and more, Peloton Digital means your fall workouts will be frequent and varied!

Photo Credit: Peloton

If you haven’t tried it, visit one of their showrooms across Canada for an exclusive private trial.

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