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Mazar x Blueberry Strain (Buy Online) | Side Effects, Grow Tips & More

Mazar x Blueberry (Skywalker) is a balanced predominantly indica hybrid that accommodates users knock out pain and relax into sleep right after a long day. The sativa portion this strain of marijuana permits for a nice mind high as well, however, it isn’t overly hazy or unfocused. Mazar x Blueberry was engineered by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion Seeds to combine the sweet fruity odor of Blueberry with the cultivating strengths of the tough, high-yielding Mazar. Good for inside cultivating, Mazar x Blueberry ferns will stay shorter and leafy, growing in 8 to 9 weeks.

Effects of Skywalker Marijuana Strain

Veteran users have said that this variety is best in its pre-Skywalker form, rather than the often more hyped OG version. This indica is a sure-fire way to calm the nerves and relax. It fills you with a beautiful, steady humming that makes you feel like you’re floating in another galaxy.

Skywalker is a great nightcap smoke, especially for the more experienced smokers, who may be able to enjoy the distinct high even more. This strain can be heavy and sedating if you up to the dosage, and therefore is best at the end of a long day, when it can truly show off its talents.

This indica will make you feel euphoric and steady, and you get to really bask in a feeling of being elated and uplifted. Soon enough you will just sink into your seat and happily enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling of being truly blissful. Skywalker is, therefore, a great strain to smoke when you’re ready for a good night’s sleep.

Happy (90%)

Uplifted (70%)

Relaxed (100%)

Euphoric (80%)

Energetic (50%)

History and origin of Skywalker Marijuana Strain

Skywalker is an Indica-dominant strain that provides a mild intoxication for marijuana consumers. Skywalker offers meaningful yet gentle soothing effects. With a moderate THC content of around 15%, this Indica is perfect for novice consumers. A few puffs of this strain will send stress and anxiety light years away. Bred by Dutch Passion, this strain is a delightful cross between Blueberry and Mazar. The result is an effective but gentle marijuana strain that clears the mind and relaxes the body. Dutch Passion’s goal was to create the best Indica in the world. It’s safe to say that Skywalker is as talented as its namesake. This strain is blissful without unwanted mental fog. While the mental effects are lovely, this strain’s power is mostly physical. A gentle wave of relaxation spans head-to-toe, loosening muscles at the end of a long day. However, you’re not likely to be stuck on the couch.

Anyone can appreciate Skywalker’s unique experience, yet medical marijuana patients cherish this strain for the relief it offers from a number of conditions. Medical patients like this strain for depression, mild pain, and nausea. If you’ve had a stressful time at work or just need to take a load off, this Indica is one of the best choices around. The Dark Side will never win when you’ve got Skywalker around.

Marijuana enthusiasts on the West Coast have been enjoying this strain’s combination of earthy, sweet and spicy flavors and aromas for some time. Real connoisseurs will notice blueberry and fruity aromas when this strain is lit, filling the air with sweet, earthy smoke. 

While these berry flavors come from parent plant Blueberry, this strains buds don’t possess the curled leaves or blue hues of that popular plant. Relatively easy to grow, you can acquire seeds of this strain from numerous companies, such as Dutch Passion and Seedsman.

More information on Skywalker Marijuana Strain

The creators of the Skywalker weed strain were clearly Star Wars fans as well as skillful horticulturists. Skywalker is an Indica dominant type, a product of crossbreeding the Blueberry and Mazar strains. This strain has a proud heritage since Mazar took second place in the Indica section of the 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup, while Blueberry has taken four prizes in the competition, including first place overall in 2000.

Light up some Skywalker and you’ll detect a fragrant aroma and flavor with notes of fruit, berries, and blossom. Although it’s an Indica, the stone is not too heavy and should leave you ready to be active, with a euphoric, stimulating high. Medical dispensaries prescribe this weed for pain relief and as an appetite stimulant.

Skywalker seeds produce plants from short to medium height with a good proportion of large buds and covered with leaves. Leaves and buds are pale green, with buds also exhibiting reddish hairs. The THC content is in the middling range at 12 percent. The growth habit of Skywalk marijuana makes it a good choice for SOG growing and, with care, you can expect to harvest around 400 grams per square meter using this method.

In northern climes, Skywalker is best grown indoors, but if you live somewhere with a Mediterranean climate, it is possible to grow outside. In the Northern Hemisphere, the harvest will come quite late in early to mid-November. Connoisseurs choose the Skywalker for its subtle and fruity taste and pleasant sensations that provide a balanced combination of physical and mental effects.

This is a hybrid strain that is indica dominant with a higher THC content – it definitely manages to get the job done! The buds are often a brighter shade of green with orange hairs and frosted sticky white crystals that coat it similarly to its Blueberry origin. When it comes to the aroma, you’ll probably notice the fruity tones of the Blueberry along with the earth tones of the Mazar.

If you’re one who has to have a taste bud then this is a strain you will definitely enjoy. It presents a taste that is quite on par with the wonderful scent it gives off – sweet and earthy. For those who prefer smoother smoke, this is a strain that you should try. It is also a good medicine with little cough or irritation for the most inexperienced consumers.

Along with the smooth inhale you get with this strain you will find that medicating effects are practically immediate and can last up to a couple of hours. It offers a heavy, relaxed feeling but it doesn’t leave you so stoned you’re ready to knock out at 4 pm.

The Indica strain Skywalker is described by reviewers as a great way to relax after battling the Dark Side all day. The harvest ready buds spread a fruity scent that resembles blueberries. Its buds are normally light green that looks frosted from a distance, being covered in a decent layer of trichomes.  The parent strains of Skywalker are both indicas: Blueberry and Mazar I Sharif. It was first cultivated under the care of Dutch Passion. 

Skywalker’s THCs are on average 13%, with only highs of 15%. After eating, you will feel rested and happy as the relaxation spreads to the whole body. Compared to other indica, the body stone is mild, yet pleasant. Skywalker does not create a couch lock but makes some consumers easily tired or lazy. This strain is best used for eliminating stress and mild aches and pains. For many, it will increase appetite and relieve nausea. 

Skywalker is infamous for being amazing at managing stress and anxiety. This bud will instantly relax and calm the mind as well as the body. This strain has all the warm fuzzy indica feelings you could be on the search for, and the best part is that that rarely comes with the standard couch-lock.

This indica-dominant strain has everything to offer. Skywalker is about as efficient as you could wish for. It was developed by a well-known Amsterdam laboratory, combining luscious Blueberry genetics with the famous Mazar qualities, making this plant a super soft Ultra Indica.

Its soothing and calming talents make it a lightweight favorite for medical cannabis users, especially those looking for a stress and mood brightener on the market. Skywalker also is popular among growers, simply because this medium-sized plant is such a breeze to raise and cultivate.

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Appearance, taste, and aroma of Mazar x Blueberry marijuana strain


The buds themselves often have a light shade of gray with orange hair and dull white, sticky crystals that cover them much like their Blueberry descent.


This strains fragrance is sharp and very obvious, and it will fill the room with its full-bodied aroma. Skywalker smells like a field of blueberries, and its fruity sweetness can be really delicious, almost like a little mockery and a preview of what’s to come, a spicy and consistently aromatic experience.


The flavors of Skywalker are similar to the aroma hints on The taste of sweet berries is unmistakable and incredibly easy to identify for experienced smokers. This strain tastes like fresh pine cones and fruits, with a bit of spice to the smoke.

The Effects of Skywalker Marijuana Strain

This strain can sometimes have a rough comedown, with some complaints about a minor headache at the end of a high. Skywalker can make you feel slightly dizzy if you aren’t used to its potency, and in rare cases, this may lead to a mild form of paranoia in some.

The most common side effect of this strain is that it can cause a sensation of feeling dehydrated. This usually means that you may experience dry mouth when smoking Skywalker, which can sometimes be accompanied by a case of dry eyes.

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Flowering Time: Growing Tips

Growing tips of Skywalker Marijuana Strain

Typical to most indica plants, Skywalker is pretty easy to grow, and so this is an ideal plant for beginners to try their hand at. Although Skywalker is an easy bud to cultivate, there are still certain things you should be doing to get the best out of your bud.

Learning how to grow the bud effectively and in the safest way, possible will help you a long way to getting your dream bud.

If you are opting to grow your Skywalker bud indoors, then you will want to do so by running clones using a hydroponics setup. This will allow you to get the most excellent quality results with minimal effort or upkeep.

It is also recommended using SOG (sea of green) methods; forcing the flowering to commence earlier on will help maximize the plant’s yield even further. We already know that Mazar is famous for its spectacular yield, but using these methods maximize your plants potential exponentially! For those looking to cultivate outdoors, you should expect a large bush, which will require consistent maintenance and can be more challenging to stay on top of.

The potential yield for Skywalker is impressively high, and when appropriately cultivated can be one of the most rewarding plants to grow! If done correctly, you can expect a yield of anywhere up to 400 grams per square meter, which is pretty incredible! 

Skywalker is a pretty easy plant to grow and thus can be cultivated successfully both indoors as well as outside. However, for the best results and least efforts, it is recommended growing your bud indoors.

Overview of the flowering time


  • Indoors
    An indoor yield of Skywalker can be expected to produce an average of about 14 ounces per square meter. This plant takes around 9 to 10 weeks of flowering to be ready for a hearty harvest.


  • Outdoors
    Skywalker loves a good hot outdoor climate to flourish in. This bud is usually ready for a harvest around the middle of October and can be expected to yield an average of about 18 ounces per plant.

Medical Use and Benefits

9 Pound Hammer Health Benefits - Learn Sativa University

Health benefits of Skywalker Marijuana Strain

Skywalker creates a spacey high that feels invigorating and relaxing. This is what makes it such an effective stress management tool. Its strong indica dominant properties work their magic by unwinding both the mind and the body and instilling a very comfortable feeling of relaxation.

Pain symptoms are also well managed by this particular strain. Skywalker has been known to be a favorite medical cannabis strain to be prescribed for a number of illnesses. Muscle pain, joint pain, and period cramps are effectively treated by this indica but also aches like migraines and headaches.

If you suffer from insomnia, Skywalker may be the perfect remedy for it. Its heavy-bodied sensations mixed with its smooth, soothing cranial high does a great job at eliminating the stress factors that may keep you awake, allowing you to sink into a restful night of sleep.

Skywalker is also a powerful strain to combat mood-disorders with. Patients who suffer from depression and anxiety have been known to find relief in this indica, allowing them to find a way to calm their nerves and turn their mood into something more positive and uplifted.

Overview of the benefits of Skywalker Marijuana Strain

Anyone can appreciate Skywalker’s unique experience, yet medical marijuana patients cherish this strain for the relief it offers from a number of conditions. 

  • Medical patients like this strain for depression, mild pain, and nausea
  • If you’ve had a stressful time at work or just need to take a load off, this Indica is one of the best choices around. The Dark Side will never win when you’ve got Skywalker around.

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