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10 Science-Backed Reasons for Sexual Attraction

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When youre describing how good-looking someone is, chances are you dont say, She/he is so symmetrical! But multiple studies have revealed that a persons symmetrybasically, how closely both sides of their face/body matchplays a big part in how attractive we find them. There may be a scientific reason for that as people who had lower levels of oxidative stress in their body also had more symmetrical features, meaningsymmetrical folks may actually be healthier, according to a study published in the journalAnimal Behaviour.In the study, ten measurements were taken of the men to determine their symmetrythings as specific as ear height and finger length. Then they were tested and quizzed for indicators of oxidative stress. Finally, a group of women was asked to rate images of the mens bodies and faces for physical attractiveness. Men with more symmetrical bodies had lower levels and were rated as more attractive.

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