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Your Mane Course: We’re Dishing Out the Right Way to Care for Your Locks

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Todays most stylish curl cuts are rooted in a 70s silhouette, says Justin German, a consulting stylist for Pantene. Ive never had so manyclients embrace their curls and not be afraid to wear it big, he says. Its that shag feel with big fringe, but leaving it more broken up. Thats the key: Dont cut it straight across.

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Give curls what they crave. First and foremost, curls need to be hydrated, says Jason Lee, owner of the Jason Lee Salon in Toronto, A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner create a good foundation. Using a rich hair mask on a weekly basis will also help promote shineand reduce frizz, says German. (Also, here’s how to bring your curls back to life.)

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For a smooth finish, Lee thinks outside the linen closet. Traditional towels have ridges that can cause more frizz and rough up the cuticle, while cotton T-shirts have a gentler surface. Your texture will determine a suitable styler: Choose a cream for extra moisture, a mousse for definition or a gel formula, like Garnier Fructis Curl Treat Jelly Shaping Leave-In Styler, $8, for hold. Ideal application, though, is universal. On wet hair, you want to apply the product from root to end, section by section, says German. Its a bit more work, but thats the best approach.

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