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3 Expert Tips for Being “Healthy as F*ck”

In Healthy as F*ck, author OonaghDuncan imparts wisdom gained inher lengthy (18 years!) career as atrainer. Spoiler alert: Shes gonnaurge you to get real (If your glutenfreelifestyle tends to fall off whenyou are stressed or when theressomething particularly delicious infront of you or when you are onvacationthat is a diet). The takeaway:The key to good health is creatinghabits that become as automaticas brushing your teeth (and also, avoiding bad habits that sabotage your health).

Hereare a few of Duncans dos to helpyou get (and stay) fit.

1. Put Yourself to Bed

Getting seven hours of sleep isessential because, along with aslew of other benefits, its whereyou cash in on this mornings bootcamp. Deep sleep releases growthhormone, which not only buildsand repairs muscle and tissue butalso prevents premature aging. (Need help sleeping? These products will help.)

2. Work Out Your Mind

Sitting still for 20 minutes a daynot only reduces stress but alsohelps you with the mental work ittakes to get in shape. And dont sayyou cant do it. Ive had clients whohave said, I cant meditate. Mymind just wont focus. I know.Thats the point. Thats like saying,I cant exercise. I get out ofbreath, says Duncan. (Tip: In order to sleep better and fall asleep faster, try meditating before bed.)

3. Exercise Consistently

Remember that perfect is theenemy of good, and every little bitcounts. Just do something, prettymuch every day even on vacationand on days when you dont feel likeit, says Duncan. (Here’s how to make a 15-minute workout effective.)

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