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Cultivation Supervisor, Lake Wales

GrowHealthy is looking for a Cultivation Supervisor. A Cultivation Supervisor will assist the Master
Grower / Sr. Cultivation Manager with all activities and operations of the Cultivation Area. We are
looking for hard workers who bring their knowledge and skills, but who are also willing to learn every
day and appreciate how our facility runs. This specialized employee will be accountable for specific
areas of operation.

Key Responsibilities

  • Responsible for helping the Cultivation Manager meet production goals and quality expectations.
  • Duties included, but are not limited to: Watering plants, Applying Foliar Applications for pest and
  • mold maintenance (IPM), Manicuring plants, Cleaning grow areas, Propagating cannabis (Cloning),
  • Transplanting cannabis plants, Moving plants through production, Harvesting plants, and Data Entry.
  • Communicates with Team Leads and aids in other areas when not working with required daily tasks.
  • Cultivation areas include; Indoor and Greenhouse Cultivation, IPM, Dry/Cure, Quality Control,
  • Packaging, and Inventory Control
  • Maintain plant health throughout the cultivation process.
  • Maintain good agricultural practices.
  • Maintain accurate records, inventories, and data as needed.
  • Interviewing, selecting staff, training development & performance management
  • Appraising employee productivity and efficiency & recommending pay adjustment
  • Perform other tasks as required.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Horticulture, Agricultural, or related field (preferred)
  • 3+ years’ experience
  • Knowledge of the cannabis plant. (required)
  • Experience preferably in horticulture, plant science, manufacturing or business administration and
  • three to five years of experience in a related position with an emphasis in an operations
  • production/manufacturing environment.
  • Capable of working without supervision.

Apply directly: https://ianthuscapital.applytojob.com/apply/jobs/details/gpHtRy3Od9?department=Grow%20Healthy

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