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It’s Time to Try the “No ‘Poo” Method of Hair Care

“Would you washyour favourite T-shirtevery day?” asks Eli Halliwell, founder of Hairstory. “Probablynot. Same goes foryour hair. Its justunnecessary tooverwash.” Halliwell developed the “no ‘poo method,” which enables you to wash your hair just once a week. Think it sounds too good to be true? It’s not. Here,Halliwell shares what you need to know.

What is no ‘poo?

When people hear the phrase noshampoo, they immediately writeit off. Traditional shampoos areformulated with detergents and,though theyre effective cleansers,they can be very harsh. Were allabout clean (and conditioned) hairand scalps; we just think it can bedone more gently.If you are using a traditionaldetergent-based shampoo, yourestripping away the benefits of the natural oils on your scalp everytime you wash. They are there for areason, protecting against environmentalfactors, UV rays andheat tools. To maintain the healthand integrity of your hair andscalp, you need to treat them gently,just like your favourite T-shirt (which will also help your hair grow long). Thecurrent solution is conditioner. Theproblem with conditioners is thatthey act merely as a Band-Aid forthe damage caused by detergents,so it becomes a vicious cycle.

What’s the solution?

Use a detergent-free cleanser. Theingredients that clean are gentleyet effective and remove whatneeds to go, but dont mess withwhat should stay put. (While you’re taking the right measures to be more gentle with your locks, make sure you’re not committing these damaginghair crimes.)

What are the benefits?

A calm scalp and strong, healthyand conditioned hair. Without thecrazy cycle of wash, condition,mask and detangle every day, manypeople find that they can go longerbetween washes.

The downside?

Some people go through a transitionperiod, where their hair feelsgreasy. This is normal just yourhair and scalp getting used to thisnew way of washing. If it happens,persevere through it it shouldonly last a week or so.

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