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These 7 Plant Remedies Have the Power to Treat Common Health Conditions

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Natural Remedies

Not that long ago, plants were the only drugs we had to cure what ailed us.Then, mid-last century, antibiotics and other manufactured drugs became availableen masse and saved countless lives theystill do. Yet today theyre not the only option;witness the thriving market in herbal remedies.Its estimated the global herbal marketwill reach US$107 billion by the end of theyear. Europe accounts for the world largestmarket share.

But beware: not all natural products aresafe, says Dr. Sarah Jarvis, a BBC medicalcolumnist and general practitioner in Londonwho sometimes recommends naturalremedies. Many plants are the basis forpowerful manufactured medicines.

Safety is one of the reasons why in 2014 theWorld Health Organization announced thatits planning to integrate natural medicinesinto the medical mainstream before 2023.WHO aims to educate the public and promotethe safe use of natural medicine by regulatingproducts, practices and practitioners.

Before taking any natural medicines, itsimperative that you speak to a doctor,advises Dr. Jarvis. (It’s also important to talk to your doctor before taking supplements.) Natural medicines caninteract with other medications you mightbe taking, and how much you should havevaries depending on the individual. Keepingin mind that advice, here are seven provenplant remedies that the medical professionalsI spoke with stand behind, along with theconditions theyre meant to treat.

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