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These 7 Plant Remedies Have the Power to Treat Common Health Conditions

natural remedy psyllium for constipation

Psyllium for Constipation

This plant, sometimes called ispaghula, works by adding bulk to your stool to move things along. Dr.Danielle Martin, a family doctor in Toronto and avice-president at Womens College Hospital, says,I often recommend this to my patients, and so domany gastroenterologists. When you first starttaking it, it may cause abdominal bloating and gas,and you must drink plenty of fluids while using it,as psyllium absorbs water.

Psyllium can also aid in weight loss, since itmakes you feel fuller. Plus, it can boost hearthealth: In 2000, an analysis of eight controlledstudies, published in the American Journal ofClinical Nutrition, showed that psyllium lowerscholesterol. Half of the 656 participants, men andwomen with high cholesterol, took psyllium whilethe other half had a placebo. After eight weeks, thepsyllium groups LDL (bad) cholesterol levelswere about 7 percent lower on average. Here are some other home remedies for constipation.

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