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Start with GOOD HEALTH

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For Moms-to-Be and New Moms

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From a nutritional perspective, pregnancy is the most critical period of a womans life. Her future childs skeleton, nerves, skin, brain, eyes and other organs depend on key vitamins and minerals for proper development. New Roots Herbals Prenatal is a multivitamin and mineral supplement that contains 23 ingredients including folate, which helps to support normal early fetal development of the brain and spinal cord.

For Want-to-Be Dads

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Not all couples have an easy time getting pregnant. Roughly 16% (or 1 in 6) couples in Canada experience infertility. This number has doubled since the 1980s. Infertility can be traced to either the man or woman, or a combination of both. Three times out of 10, the cause is in men. New Roots Herbals Generation is a natural health product designed specifically for men. Its formula features 10 ingredients including vitamins and minerals to help support sperm cell health.

For Your Little Ones

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Once your bundle of joy arrives, there are things you can do to help maintain your child’s health. Ages 4 to 12 are critical growth years for developing bodies and minds. Junior New Roots offers a variety of products such as a multivitamin for the maintenance of good health; probiotics to provide live microorganisms that temporarily modify gut flora; omega-3s to help support the development of the brain, eyes and nerves; and vitamin D3 to help in the development and maintenance of bones and teeth. Besides these multiple health benefits, they also taste great!

Support Your Growing Family

The New Roots Herbal family of multivitamins and supplements supports every stage of development. Products are tested in a state-of-the-art ISO accredited analytical laboratory to ensure confirmation of the highest scientific and quality standards. This guarantees that what is on the label is exactly what is in the bottle nothing more, nothing less. To ensure that these products are right for you and your family, always read and follow the label. Look for these products exclusively at health food stores.

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