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Let’s Talk Number 2: Here’s the Scoop!

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When we talk about digestive health, we often focus on healthy diet, hydration, nutrition, pre and probiotics and the role of exercise. What we often dont talk about is the end of the digestive process poo. Just as important as the other factors in wellness, a healthy poo equals a healthy you.In our current moment of body positivity, acceptance and openness there is still a taboo when it comes to discussing poo. In fact, 30% of Millennials feel more comfortable, and would rather talk about menstruation than poo. Its time to end the poo taboo, and increase our awareness of the importance of poo in our health, and heres why:

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1. Poo is an Indicator of Good Health

Poo is an important indicator of overall health and wellness. Having comfortable, regular poos is a sign that your diet and lifestyle choices are balanced and supporting your good health. The SENOKOT Scoop on Poop Survey revealed that 64% of Canadians already check their poo regularly as a sign of their health. Not convinced? Paying attention to your poo can help you understand key factors in your health including:

  • Fibre Intake: Feeling constipated? You may not be getting enough fibre. Fibre increases bulk and softens the stool by absorbing water, which helps prevent constipation.
  • Water Consumption: Drinking more liquids (8 cups of water or juice a day) can help prevent constipation. Choose water and juice over caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and cola. Caffeinated beverages encourage frequent urination, which can also lead to constipation.
  • Regular Exercise: Regular exercise equals regular poos. Regular physical activity can help strengthen the colon wall and increase blood flow to all parts of the body, including the digestive tract.
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2. Dont Let Constipation Get in Your Way

Half of all Canadians say that feeling constipated gets in the way of them enjoying and living their best life. And 72% agree that being constipated makes them feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Sometimes we all need a little help with our regularity. If constipation has you feeling bloated and uncomfortable, choose a laxative like SENOKOT, the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended laxative brand in Canada. SENOKOT helps provide gentle relief from occasional constipation (no uncontrollable pooping here!) to help you feel comfortable and get regular.

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3. Your Poo Can Be an Early Warning Sign if Something is Off

Sudden changes in your bowel movements, including constipation, the colour, texture and odour of poo can be indicators that you may have a health concern. If you notice a dramatic change in your regular poo, talk to your health care practitioner about your digestive health. By paying attention to what is a regular poo for you, you can monitor for changes and keep an eye on your overall wellbeing.

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4. End the Poo Taboo!

Even though Canadians agree that constipation negatively affects their lives, there is still confusion and embarrassment (especially among Millennials) about the causes and symptoms of constipation and how natural laxatives can support. In fact, 51% of Millennials do not associate bloating with constipation, 42% of Millennials do not know how or when to use laxatives and almost one in five Millennials do not know there is a treatment for constipation at all! The more we talk about poo and end the stigma around discussing poo, the more we can educate each other on the importance of a healthy poo and the solutions that exist to support regularity and help make the 34% of Millennials who are too embarrassed to buy laxatives feel confident when they choose a product to help support their regularity.

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5. Nothing Feels Better than a Good #2

Had a great poo today? Celebrate the #2 in you! 92% of Canadians agree that they feel great after a good poo. Share your poo-sitivity and encourage your friends and family to end the poo taboo! The more we normalize conversations about poo, the more we will empower each other to pay attention to this important aspect of our wellness. Because whats there really to be embarrassed about? Everybody poops!

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