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13 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Eat a Vegan Diet

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You may lower your risk of disease

One of the biggest benefits of a vegan diet is that it can reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, andheart disease, thanks to phytonutrients, a substance found in fruits and vegetables that provides various kinds of health boosts. Youve got that low-calorie intake with that high nutritional quality, Dwyer says. Thats where youre really optimizing your energy and digestion, and giving your body what it needs to be healthy. Scientists conducted a literature review of 27 different studies that looked at people following plant-based diets and found that people who atevegetarian or vegan dietscombined with nuts, soy, and/or fibre lowered their cholesterol by up to 35 percent. Another literature review discovered that vegans reduced their total cancer risk by about 15 percent and vegetariansdecreased their heart disease riskby 25 percent compared to meat-eaters.

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