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These Celebs Took a Social Media Break—And Maybe You Should, Too

social media break

Who couldnt use a social media break? Turns out, celebslike Gigi Hadidare just like us

Model Gigi Hadid announced that she was taking a week-long social media break, because, she said, its good for the soulll.Not only is social media incredibly addictive (youve probably been on at least one network in the past 30 minutes), but science says it can make us feel inadequate, sad, jealous and more isolated. (Plus, it can affect our sleep.) What’s more, users can mistake social interaction on a network for real-life interaction, making time alone feel more satisfying.Being in the limelight, whether youre an actress, model, singer or professional athlete, can weigh heavily on the human psyche. Some have said its made them feel like theyre being constantly judged (which they are) and like they have no privacy. Social media just adds another layer, with fans and trolls able to communicate with stars whenever they feel like itand not always in a positive manner.

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