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7 Reasons It’s Good for You to Sleep Naked

sleeping naked - woman sleeping

Sleeping naked could improve your sleep quality

People may sleep better in cooler temps than warmer ones. Why? Your natural body temperature naturally declines as you sleep, saysChristine Hansen, certified sleep coach, member of the National Sleep Foundation, and founder ofSleep Like a Boss. As your body temperature declines, your cortisol levels go down and your melatonin levels go up. Thats why when its too hot, you feel nervous and jumpy and cant sleep, Hansen says. Because wearing PJs or sleeping under heavy covers can disrupt your bodys natural cool-down, it can, in turn, disrupt the quality of your sleep. However, you dont want to be too cold either: If youre so cold that youre shivering, youre probably not sleeping deeply. While theres no one perfect temperature for good shut-eye, the National Sleep Foundation recommends setting your thermostatbetween 60 and 67 degreesbut if youre sleeping nude and waking up shivering, feel free to turn it up.

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