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14 Simple Ways to Make Your Vitamins More Effective

how to increase vitamin absorption

Take them with food

Its no secret that you should always take your vitamins at mealtimes. When you consume foods, it initiates a cascade of digestive processes that help absorb the nutrients from food, and this will also optimize the absorption of the vitamins and minerals, explains naturopathic physician Duffy MacKay, ND, senior vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs for the dietary supplement industry group Council for Responsible Nutrition. Theres another reason too: Taking vitamins and minerals with food helps to prevent nausea which some people may experience from supplements.Of course, there are exceptions to every ruleand in this case, its iron. Take it in the AM and on an empty stomach, advises psychologist and sleep expert Michael J. Breus, PhD, author of The Power of When. (Just be prepared: Iron on an empty stomach can trigger nausea.) Try consuming it with vitamin C-rich food, because vitamin C can increase iron absorption.

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