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15 Best Yoga Mats on Amazon

best yoga mat

Dont let your mat keep you from maxing your moves

Yoga not only does it build strength and flexibility, but it boosts energy, enhances balance and breathing, improves posture, and increases blood flow, reports theAmerican Osteopathic Association. (It can also help you age.) These benefits will help you become not only more athletic and capable in terms of your fitness, but more adept at avoiding illness and injury, saysJamie Bacharach, medical acupuncturist and yoga practitioner. Yoga is also beneficial for yourmental health, helpingrelieve stress, among other benefits. (Also, did you know yoga isMeghan Markle’s go-to workout?)

The key to gaining the most out of your practice, whether you do yoga once a day or once a month, is investing in a quality mat. Not only does it provide cushioning and protection, but it helps prevent injury, notes Bacharach. Repeated yoga movements on a mat that does not offer proper support can cause serious injury to the exact bodily areas you are attempting to strengthen, she says. Here are 15 of the best yoga mats on Amazon to make a part of your practice.

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