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7 Power Foods to Always Keep in Your Pantry

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The Healthiest Foods Can Be Found at the Local Grocery Store

I first read about acai berries and goji berries a couple of years ago. Originating in South American rainforests and remote northern China, respectively, they were praised for their high concentrations of disease-fighting antioxidants. I found a health food store that carried the dried berries, and bought a small (200 g) package of each at about eight euros apiece.My husband and I would have a few a day, and soon had to buy more. I wondered whether their purported health benefits were worth the money, and after some research discovered that blueberries, fresh or frozenwidely available and about half the priceare one of the best sources of antioxidants we have.Buzzworthy foods are forever making headlines. Were now hearing about the wonders of teff (an Ethiopian grain), maca powder (Peruvian ginseng), yacon root syrup (from the Andes), and tree water. Sure, they may be good, even great, for you. But the healthiest foods have been in the supermarket all alongwith modest price tags, and backed by research proving theyre healthy. Enjoy these as part of a balanced diet that includes whole grains and vegetables.

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