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These Weight Loss Photos May Just Be the Motivation You Need

Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Stop procrastinating

Ashleigh Smith, 26, suddenly began gaining weight her senior year of high school. By the time she turned 23, she was up to 224 pounds. Following the birth of her daughter, she developedtype 2 diabetes, a chronic disease that her doctors told her could improve with weight loss. Armed with determination, she decided to make healthy dietary changes and stick to them. The change in diet paid off for Smith; she lost a total of 98 pounds.She tellsReaders Digest, I think the best feeling is crying happy tears in the dressing room because you can fit in a smaller size. She wants others to know they dont need to wait for a special occasion to make better choices for their lives. She advises, Just do it. Stop waiting for the new year, or a Monday, or the beginning of the month or even a new day. Start now.

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