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These Weight Loss Photos May Just Be the Motivation You Need

Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Reclaim your health

Deb Thompson, PhD, tried to lose weight unsuccessfully for 20 years before making a vow on her 40th birthday to try again. As a psychologist, she knew that her issues with weight were about more than just food. Thompson tellsReaders Digest, Doing fun things with my three kids like tobogganing were daunting, because I was so out of shape. The vicious cycle of lack of fitness, discouragement, overeating, and overworking had me absolutely stuck. Life had become a spectator sport. She continues, As a mom and a psychologist, I felt more and more uneasy about not walking the talk of good self-care and wellness. Finally, my health risks and feeling awful loomed large enough for me to try again, but from a different perspective: one of reclaiming and caring for myself and health.Once she focused on providing nourishment to her entire life through dietary and lifestyle changes, weight loss quickly followed. She recalls, I committed to a nourished life, not just about how I fed my body with good food, but also how I fuelled myself with good movement, play, rest, and belonging.Thompson, now 53, lost a total of 85 pounds through her lifestyle overhaul, and she continues to maintain her weight loss today. I am fit and active with running, outdoor and indoor cycling, skiing, and hiking. I continue to work as a psychologist, and now also a personal coach, specializing in helping other women who struggle with weight.

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