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These Weight Loss Photos May Just Be the Motivation You Need

Weight Loss Before and After Photos

Own your behaviour

A two-time cancer survivor with multiple other health concerns, Kay Koziol, was overweight and on track to become the unhealthiest version of herself she had ever been. It was after a trip to celebrate her in-laws 50thwedding anniversary that she finally understood she needed to take action. Of course there were lots of pictures taken, and every picture I saw of myself, I couldnt believe it was me, she tellsReaders Digest. I started to listen to myself talk to other people and I was making excuses about my weight. I blamed it on my thyroid and other medical issues, while stuffing my face full of junk food. When Koziol returned home, she made a commitment to change her health for the better and signed up for an exercise boot camp. It was then that her health turned a corner.Through the changes she made in diet and exercise, Koziol, now 44, lost a total of 60 pounds and gained a healthier lifestyle. I am no longer on any medication, Im pain free, and I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been in my life, she says. As a result of her life change before and after weight loss, Koziol is now opening three exercise boot camps of her own to help others. She says, I feel the best gift I could ever give to anyone is the gift of a better version of themselves and to give them their life back. These are the health secrets every women over 50 should know.

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