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8 Home Remedies for Hot Flashes That Really Work

home remedies for hot flashes - woman going through menopause

Think your hot flashes away

Simply wishing your hot flashes werent real wont work, but a double-blind, controlledstudy (the best kind), published inMenopause, found that using a mental technique calledcognitive behavioural therapywas effective at diminishing both hot flashes and night sweats. CBT is a simple type of psychological therapy you can do on your own that works by challenging negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones. In this case the women were taught to change their beliefs about how well they couldcope with and control their hot flashes. Sound too simple to work? The researchers reported thatCBTworked significantlyregardless of a participants age, body mass index, menopause status, or psychological factors. Plus, dont miss these otherearly warning signs of perimenopause.

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