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Vegan? Keto? Paleo? Here’s a Customized Tomato Soup for You

roasted tomato soup - sheet pan veggies

Step 1: Sheet Pan Roasted Tomato Soup

Making soup with sheet pan roasted tomatoes is a great Sunday-afternoon kitchen activity. The prep time is quick, but youll need 1 hours of cook time. Trust us, its worth the effort: With this base, youll get several great meal options.Get the recipe here.

Step 2: Customize your soup


Use vegetable broth, or make miso broth: mix 8 cups water with cup organic red miso paste. Miso is salty, so salt to taste the soup at the end of cooking.


Replace olive oil with MCT oil or coconut oil. Coconut oil contains MTC (medium chain triglycerides) which help induce ketosis.


Make soup with chicken broth or bone broth. Since the oven is on anyway, roast a few bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs or breasts. Place on the baking sheet with onions. Cool, discard fat and shred meat from bones. Stir into the soup at the end.

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