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15 Things We Learned About the Human Body in 2019

human body - dead person

Bodies move a year after death

Scientists still dont know all the bizarre things that happen to your body after you die. However, in a discovery that could have implications for crime scene investigators, researchers using time-lapse photography found that bodies can move a great deal for up to a year after death. During my study I expected to see some movement in the early stages of decomposition, for example when the abdomen bloats and with rigor mortis, says Alyson Wilson, a forensic science student at Central Queensland University in Australia, who published her initial research on post-mortem time-lapse photography earlier this year in the journal Forensic Science International: Synergy. (Wilson says her latest research will be published in a forensic science journal by the end of 2019.)What the study found was that all the limbs of the body continued to move throughout the entire study of 16 monthsthis was an unexpected finding, and the amount of movement was astonishing, she says. For example, arms positioned right next to the trunk of a body could move all the way out to the side. As far as I am aware no studies have quantified human post-mortem movement, she says. Body position at time of death is vital for understanding the cause or circumstances surrounding the death, making any post-mortem movement of the remains highly significant for forensic investigations.

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