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16 Things Your Mother’s Health Says About You

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Weight and body type

As with many other aspects of health, the condition of your body is partly genetic, partly environmental. So if your mother has a certain body type or weight, you may be more likely to have the same onebut that could be the result of learned behaviours, too. While there is some solid research to support a maternals body shape and weight and its influence on her children, this is definitely not the only contributing factor, Dr. Sontag says. Many times, the lifestyle of the mother is what is learned and passed down to her kids, which includes the way she eats and exercises. So dont beat yourself up if your natural body shape and size doesnt look like a magazine model. However, if your mom is overweight, you can help avoid the same fate by eating healthy and exercising, with the goal of being the healthiest you can for your individual body.

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