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10 Foods You Should Never Eat Raw

Foods You Should Never Eat Raw - potatoes


Yes, potatoes are a tuber-iffic mealtime staple but you should try to avoid eating them raw. Eatingpotatoesraw can cause bloating and undesirable gastrointestinal effects, because potatoes contain starches that are resistant to being digested, saysLisa Davis, PhD, the chief nutrition officer atTerras Kitchen. (Cooking the potatoes successfully breaks down these starches.) Even worse, if raw potatoes spend a long time in a warm or damp area, they can turn green and develop a toxin calledsolanine. If a potato appears to have green spots on it, you should avoid eating it altogether, because the solanine could cause food poisoning-like symptoms. (Psst: Here’s how to tell the difference between food poisoning and a stomach bug.)

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