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3 Resolutions to Make for Healthy Winter Skin

winter skin resolutions

Resolution 1: Choose a cleansing crew upgrade

Whether you want a brighter or smoother complexion in 2020, the journey starts at the sink. Cleansing is a vital first step, says Lori Beazer, a skin therapist at Consonant Skincare in Toronto. No other product will penetrate the skin if you dont cleanse properly.The current world of cleansers includes a wide range of options, from fast-acting aqueous formulas to gentle foams to viscose oils. To get a match thats just right for you, cross-check your skin needs with your product preferences and your lifestyle choices. (Psst: See the one product you need for a customized skin-care routine.)Definitely know your ingredients, says Lindsay Barras, education manager at Dermalogica Canada. You can use a milk- or cream-based cleanser if your skin is very dry. If your skin is acne-prone, you need a cleanser with alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid, such as salicylic, glycolic or lactic acid, to remove excess dirt and debris that clogs pores.To elevate your efforts, the pros encourage double cleansing, which starts with an oil-based product. Oil travels the deepest into skin, says Beazer. If youre wearing makeup, you can use that oil cleanse first to melt everything and then go in with another cleanser. A standard practice in professional treatments, this method is an easy at-home trick to maximize efficacy. You want to attract whatever you want to remove with an oil and then infuse the skin with specific ingredients to target breakouts, dryness and hyperpigmentation, says Barras. Just removing makeup isnt enough.A finely tuned cleansing routine will also ensure healthy skin throughout the harsh winter season. When its cold out, the first thing to break down is your skins lipid barrier, which exacerbates dehydration, says Barras. A hyaluronic acid serum, followed by a lipid-rich cream, is an ideal rescue squad, and a thoroughly cleansed surface is best equipped to benefit from this combination. (Are your beauty products effective? There’s a skin-care test you can take.)

Jowa Micellar Cleansing Water

This hydrating water boasts protective lumiphnols and hydrating vegetable glycerine among its 94 percent natural ingredients to help sweep away dirt($24, jowae.ca).

LOral Paris Fine Flowers Cleansing Gel

Notes of rose and jasmine elevate this alcohol-, soap- and fragrance-free formula, which is safe for sensitive skin($12,shoppersdrugmart.ca).

Weleda Gentle Cleansing Foam

This cleansing foam gets a boost from the power of witch hazel to leave normal to combination skin refreshed without overdrying ($24, well.ca).

Pai Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil

A soothing blend of organic castor, sunflower, olive and rosehip oils quickly dissolves makeup, sunscreen and more ($70, thedetoxmarket.ca).

La Maison Valmont Wonder Falls

Formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and glacial spring water, this nourishing cream cleanser is the ultimate dry-skin aid ($205, saksfifthavenue.com).

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