The Best Health Resolutions For Every Month Of The Year

resolutions for every month

Mini health resolutions why thinking small works

Instead of declaring a sweeping number of health resolutions thatlets be honest, youll probably forget about in Februarymaking micro monthly goals can be more effective. Attempting to improve your health is much easier when you take small steps towards wellness, one step at a time, one bite at a time, explains Patricia Greenberg , a health and nutrition expert and author. Jumping in too quickly often results in disappointing progress or, worse, an injury because you are hoping for a quick fix or an unattainable goal. (It could also be your perfectionism that’s sabotaging your resolutions.)To make a true commitment to your health and transform your lifestyle in a long-term, meaningful way, try manageable tweaks. Starting today, set small, easy-to-complete goals for yourself, and youll see over time how you can add a little more each day to get to where you want to be. Eventually these will become your habit, she explains.Here is your month-by-month guide to better health in the New Year. (Also, here are no-fail tips for achieving your resolutions.)

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