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How Real People Lost Weight on the Whole30 Diet

Whole30 - salad

What is the Whole30 plan?

The brainchild of two sports nutritionists,Whole30: The 30-Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedomwas published in 2009 and became a best-seller. The plan is set up as a challenge to eliminate inflammation-promoting foods from your diet for a full 30 days to see how your body feels. At the top of the list of Whole30 rules: No alcohol, added or artificial sweeteners, dairy, grains of any kind, soy, legumes, food additives, or processed junk food for 30 days.The plans claimfor which most nutritionists say there is little scientific evidenceis that a diet heavy on these foods contributes to out-of-whack hormones and harmful inflammation that impact general health as well as blood sugar, cravings, and body weight. (Most registered dietitians recommend avoiding diets that restrict entire food groups and instead opt for lifestyle changes and patterns of eating that include a healthy mix of food and can be maintained over time.)Converts say the diet helped them sleep better, getrid of cravings, heal myriad gut-health problems, control autoimmune flares, and ultimately make beneficial long-term changes.

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