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18 Contact Lens Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Eyes

woman opening contact lenses case

Don’t take your lenses for granted

Next time you’re tempted to pass out without removing your contacts, consider this cautionary tale (Squeamish? Skip to the next slide!): Meabh McHugh-Hill, a 23-year-old college student, left her lenses on so long they dried to the point of gluing themselves to her eyeballs. She then made the error of hastily trying to remove them and accidentally tore the top layer of her eye away, giving herself a corneal ulcer (an abscess or sore on the eye). “When [the doctors] took a proper look, they said I had scratched an entire layer off my whole eye,” McHugh-Hill told local media. “The pain was intense. I wasn’t able to do much else besides stay in bed with the curtains drawn for the five days that followed.” Leaving your contacts in too long is a common mistake, but it’s far from the only one. Make sure you’re not guilty of these risky behaviors (and make sure you know potential adverse health effects of contact lenses and how you can minimize your risk.)

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