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This One-Stop Wellness Hotspot in Toronto Tends to All Your Feel-Good Needs

Sweat and Tonica Toronto fitness and wellness space

What is Sweat and Tonic?

Picture this: A place where you can run, box, weight-train, spin, and do yoga, all under one roof, and also have a healthy bite to eat, get a facial, engage in a private meditation session, hang out with friends, shoot off a few emails, and get ready aprs-sweat for wherever else your day may take you (should there be any more time left in your day). What you should be picturing is Sweat and Tonic, Torontos new (and first) wellness hub.Founded by David Ingram, S&T was created to make working out more convenient and help build a community. I felt there was a really big gap in the marketI wanted to put all my favourite classes in one building, says Ingram. The other big piece that I felt was missing was that every space I went to was really just designed to get in and out of the class, but there was no space for you to actually engage in any after-class activity.On top of a HIIT, ride, and yoga studio, S&T offers a hangout space, which can also be used as a workspace, as well as a caf with ample seating. For millennials who are quite tribal, Sweat and Tonic is a place for them to go to with friends, have fun, get a sweat but enjoy it and have the experience that makes them want to come back, says Ingram. Its a much cheaper model than trying to do personal training, and its a much more fun model than going to the gym on your own.S&T also features a treatment room for facials and massages, a meditation pod, and a sauna, making it a well-rounded wellness destination.

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