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Concussion Rescue – Integrative Therapies with Dr Kabran Chapek, ND

Concussion rescues, an integrative therapies for head injuries,  dementia,  PTSD, and anxiety disorders are the topics of discussion when Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN, AHG-RN, AHN-BC interviews Dr. Kabran Chapek, ND.

About Dr. Chapek

Dr. Kabran Chapek has been a staff physician at Amen Clinics since 2013 and works at the Seattle location. As a graduate of Bastyr University in the Seattle area, he is an expert in the use of functional and integrative treatments and collaborates extensively with many of the Amen Clinics physicians.

He has a special interest in the assessment and treatment of Alzheimer’s and dementia, traumatic brain injuries, PTSD, and anxiety disorders. He has additional training in the assessment and utilization of hormones to treat traumatic brain injuries in combination with SPECT imaging and the Amen Method.

Dr. Chapek is the founding president of the Psychiatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians, an affiliate group of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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