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Patient Liaison, Orlando



The focus of this role is to provide support patients with memorable experiences and education on company products and practices.


  • The responsibility of the patient liaison is to ensure that all communication with potential customers and current patients are meeting company standards.
  • The Patient Liaison will serve as a patient advocate, educator, and customer service representative, and ensure patients are serviced promptly and efficiently.
    • The goal of these patient interactions is to ensure that each patient has a high-quality, valuable, and industry-leading experience when interacting with the company, ensuring that Liberty Health Sciences Florida is positioned as the medical cannabis provider of choice in Florida. Liaisons will also be responsible for fulfilling orders properly, including the correct label, patient label and proper packaging procedures are being followed.
  • The Patient Liaison will either consult patients and or dispense the company’s regulated medical cannabis products to qualified patients in accordance with company policy and in accordance with Florida medical cannabis regulations.
  • Liaisons will be responsible for maintaining a professional interaction with both staff members and patients while also participating in team building exercises.
  • Patient Liaisons will assist management staff in ensuring all procedures are being followed to reflect regulatory and compliance standards.
  • Ensure effective communication and teamwork across functional areas and team members to achieve company goals
  • Liaisons will perform weekly inventory counts and report findings to Management
  • Report any high-risk complaints to Director of Retail Operations and Compliance
  • Thoroughly document all customer complaints and returns
  • Ensure 100% traceability of products are maintained from reception to final sale



  • Excellent Oral and written communication skills
  • Proficient in Excel, Microsoft Office and Power point
  • Clinical or Research experience preferred
  • 3 years of Retail/Customer Service Experience Required
  • Must be 21 Years of Age


Eligible for Medical benefits on the first of the month following 60 days of employment.

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