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The Best Face Moisturizers for Your Skin Type

Best Face Moisturizers for Your Skin Type

Which moisturizer is best for your skin type?

Whether your skin is oily, overly dry, sensitive, acne-prone, all of the above, or even none of the above, choosing the best facial moisturizer for your complexion can make a big difference in the look and feel of your skin.A moisturizer’s main task is to hold water in the skin’s outermost layer. Many moisturizers contain some combination of humectants (such as glycerin, urea, and hyaluronic acid) to attract water; emollients (including lipids, ceramides, mineral oil, and lanolin) to soften skin, and occlusives (such as petroleum jelly and cocoa butter) to create a protective layer that locks the moisture in. Some formulas also have sunscreen or tinting agents. They can come as creams, lotions, gels, ointments, oils and/or serums, all available at drug stores, department stores, and doctors’ offices.When paired with the correct skin type, moisturizers can prevent and treat dry skin, protect sensitive skin, and possibly even improve skin texture and tone. Here’s how to find the right product for you. (Just be sure to avoid the ingredients that could be making you break out.)

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