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Raising an Aging Parent with Dr. Ken Druck

Dr. Ken  Druck holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Fielding Institute and a bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University. He is a rock drummer who has jammed with bands including Blue Oyster Cult, as well as a lifelong athlete who played soccer on the US Team in the Senior Olympics and was named “All New England” in basketball and soccer in high school. Dr. Druck was known as “Dr. Ken” on Oprah before there was a Dr. Phil. Among his many accomplishments, he shares priceless information with the “Sandwich Generation” in his book, “Raising an Aging Parent.”  

Raising Aging Parent by Ken DruckrRaising an Aging Parent is a guidebook for families to strengthen the bonds between adult children and their aging parents, forge collaborative relationships between siblings, balance care-giving with self-care, and establish a new norm for the second half of life that promotes individual, family, community and generational integrity.

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