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10 of the Best Herbs and Supplements for Diabetes

The best herbs and supplements for diabetes

Consider these herbs and supplements

If you’re thinking about adding any new supplement to your regimen, especially if it has the potential to lower your blood sugar, talk to your doctor. People with diabetes may be looking for something that seems less potent than a medication or something that will treat other health issues beyond blood sugar control, such as high cholesterol, says Laura Shane-McWhorter, a pharmacist and author of The American Diabetes Association Guide to Herbs & Nutritional Supplements: What You Need to Know from Aloe to Zinc. However, experts are reluctant to recommend supplements to people with diabetes because theres limited research on long-term safety. Plus, no supplement controls blood sugar as effectively as diabetes medication drugs (in combination with a healthy lifestyle).Below are the 10 most popular herbs and supplements for people with diabetesbut be sure to talk to your doctor before trying any of these. (Also, make sure you’re aware of the worst eating habits for diabetes.)

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