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15 Supplements Nutritionists Don’t Take—So You Shouldn’t Either

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Iodine is vital for your thyroid, and your body can’t make it. That means you need it from your dietand that’s why food has been fortified with the mineral for decades (think of iodized salt, for example). “Thyroid health and your entire metabolism are dependent on iodine,” says Bourque. Some people tout the supplements as thyroid helpers; Bourque warns that if you already have a thyroid issue, taking excess iodine may exacerbate the condition. Plus, excess iodine can also cause stomach issues, runny nose, and headaches. If you think that your diet is low in iodine or you’re worried about a deficiency, says Bourque, talk to your doctor before trying a supplement. You can also try eating food sources of iodine, such as seaweed (nori and kelp are great examples), cod, shrimp, tuna, eggs, and prunes.Next, learn the ways your body is telling you you’re low on key vitamins.

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