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7 Fig Recipes to Make the Most of Summer’s Favourite Fruit

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Oh, fig! Not sure how to eat this sensual fruit? Our fig recipes are sure to impress.

The fig has a long-standing history as a symbol of female sexuality. Its pink flesh and little seeds are suggestive reminders of reproductive lady parts, and its been titled the unofficial understudy of the apple in the classic Adam and Eve tale. Even without its romantic past, a ripe fig is undeniable food porn. Plus, if you add figs to pretty much any recipe it makes your dish look profesh.Fresh figs are loaded with a sweet, jammy flavour and tiny seeds that crackle like Pop Rocks on the tongue, with their flesh surrounded by a thin, edible skin. And you can boost a basic piece of toast with some ricotta, herbs and beautifully sliced figs.With an impressive three grams of fibre and only 74 calories in two medium figs, theyre a satisfying way to promote healthy regularity and manage your weight.

But wait, the nutritional news gets better:

One serving of figs provides seven percent of your daily heart-healthy potassium needs, plus powerful phenolic antioxidants that may help reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease.While were all about fresh when figs are in season between early summer and early fall, dried figs shouldnt be overlooked. Dried figs may be higher in calories and natural sugars, but early research suggests that they may beat their fresh counterparts in the antioxidant department.To up your game with your food insta posts, we’ve rounded up our favourite fig recipes.

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