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Functional Approach to Fertility with Sarah Clark, CPC

Functional approach to fertility is the topic of discussion when host Ellen Kamhi Ph.D.,RN, AHG-RH, AHN-BC interviews Sarah Clark CPC.

About Sarah Clark

Sarah Clark is a  certified life coach with accreditation from the International Coaches Federation. Additionally, she is a health coach with training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Sarah is the founder of FabFertile, a company that focuses on providing natural fertility solutions.

Clark is also the author of Fabulously Fertile – Supercharge your Fertility Naturally and Fabulously Fertile Cookbook. The fertility coaching program includes functional lab testing such as: food sensitivity, hormone, stool and hair testing. Furthermore, the program supports couples to make diet and lifestyle changes that dramatically improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby! 

Contact: https://fabfertile.com/

To listen to the interview, click the player below. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestion, please use the comment section under this post or contact Ellen Kamhi here.

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