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Heart of the Great Mother with Dr Christine Page

Host Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN interviewed Dr. Christine Page MD about differential diagnosis and her approach to holistic health care.

About Dr. Christine Page MD

Dr Christine Page is a pioneer in the field of holistic healthcare, especially for women. She received her medical degree from the Royal Free Medical School, University of London, in 1978.

As a charismatic speaker, natural intuitive and wisdom keeper, she’s been called a mystical physician. She sees herself as a bridge builder whether between different healing modalities or states of consciousness.

As a popular international speaker, she offers talks, seminars and online courses on subjects such as women’s empowerment, enhancing intuition, listening to the wisdom of the body, stepping into mystery and tapping into the Earth’s mysteries. 

Believing that illness is a messenger from the soul and true healing involves transformation into wholeness, she is author of nine books, including Frontiers of Health and the Handbook of Women’s Mysteries. Her latest book Heart of the Great Mother focuses on how to create and access the portals that lead us all into a new world of peace, prosperity and unity .

Contact: www.christinepage.com

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