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How to Create a Work-Life Balance When You’re Working From Home

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Establishing a work-life balance is important

Covid-19 has dramatically changed life for everyone. One of the most obvious changes many people have had to face is working from home every single day.

From talking to my friends, I’ve found that the general consensus is that it’s a really difficult adjustment. It’s hard to focus. Zoom conference calls are annoying. It sometimes feels impossible to find the line between work and personal lifeor at least whatever’s left of it right now.

Working from home isn’t new for me. I’ve been doing it full-time since August 2019. I know firsthand how hard it can be to separate work and life when the physical boundaries are essentially nonexistent. Without an office to leave, how can you mentally distinguish between the end of the workday and the beginning of your life? It’s something I really struggled with at first, too. (Psst: Learn how afreelance writer manages her mental well-being while in self-isolation.)

It’s even harder now because there isn’t really anywhere to go, either during the workday or after. If all you’re doing is transitioning from the kitchen table or desk to the couch, it’s hard to remember why you even need to shut down your computer.

The thing is, establishing a work-life balance is essential if you don’t want to burn out quickly. Because trust me, you will. Even though you’re not going into the office, you’ll start to feel like all you do is work. It becomes all-consuming. And no one feels good when that happens.

Most remote workers learn this the hard wayI did. I struggled to find a balance for a while and felt really drained at the end of each week. But eventually, I got pretty good at officially ending my workday and transitioning into non-work life without leaving my house.

Below, you’ll find some expert-recommended tipsand my own personal go-to’sthat can help you establish a semblance of work-life balance if you’re new to working from home. (Also, welcome! It does have its perks, I promise.)

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