Maintenance Associate, Lakeland

This position is responsible for executing day-to-day cultivation and processing facility maintenance requirements. You will provide support for labor and management and ensure that facility equipment is operating at safe and efficient levels.  You will make strategic decisions for best practices in equipment maintenance and performance.   An experienced Maintenance Supervisor will ensure safe operations with a focus on production efficiencies.

As a qualified candidate you will have knowledge and experience in maintaining, inspecting and managing the service of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.  The primary goal is safety for all Associates and as a solution oriented professional, you will ensure the entire team is working under optimal conditions.


  • Repair and maintain all greenhouse and indoor equipment. Immediate response is required to mission critical components.  Work at multiple locations.
  • Follow preventative maintenance schedule as defined by the Facilities Manager. Conduct routine inspections to ensure proper equipment function. Work with service contractors and suppliers.
  • Record service logs to monitor equipment condition. Maintain in-house inventory of critical components – track inventory, tools and equipment to ensure job success.
  • Complete internal construction projects as defined by the Facilities Manager.
  • Follow emergency response protocols with key service contractors. Follow SOP’s for facility operations.
  • Be a lead responder for critical equipment malfunctions and facility issues.
  • Support the cultivation and labor teams. Manage maintenance team if required.
  • Assess and recommend maintenance and equipment needs as the business grows.
  • Assist in new property diligence, acquisition and build out. Some travel will be required.


  • Commercial greenhouse maintenance experience or related.
  • Minimum of 1-3 years of physical plant, project management or related experience.
  • Well-versed in technical/engineering operations and facilities management best practices. Knowledgeable of OSHA regulations.
  • Working knowledge of advanced growing systems is preferred: computerized controls, irrigation, hydroponic growing systems.
  • Proficient in Microsoft office computer skills and ability to adapt to other software programs as required.
  • Superior communication and interpersonal skills (verbal, non-verbal, written), with the ability to build relationships at all levels, both internally and externally
  • Highly motivated, self-directed, innovative and able to work independently or among teams with keen judgement, common sense and resourcefulness.
  • Adapts and thrives in a demanding, start-up, fast-paced environment

Physical Requirements

  • Must be able to work in the GreenHouse Environment. Hot & Uncomfortable work settings.
  • Regular movement outside all facilities to ensure safety & functioning equipment.
  • Walking on un-even & un-paved ground – in conditions that are hot, humid, or cold.

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